• Marvels at the Museum

    VANISHING TEXANA MUSEUM An Emporium of East Texas History Contrary to its name, the Vanishing Texana Museum in Jacksonville is committed to preserving the culture and history [...]

  • Rebirth of the Iconic Tomato Bowl

    TOMATO BOWL STADIUM Rebirth of an Icon Situated on a hilltop at the end of Jacksonville's downtown Commerce Street, the Tomato Bowl football stadium has served as an elevated icon for eight decades. Residents and visitors alike share a deeply-seated sentiment toward this [...]

  • A Ripe History

    ROUGH FIRST YEAR The year of Jacksonville's birth - 1838 - was also the year that indelibly stamped Jacksonville's unique history with the Killough Massacre. Documented as East Texas' worst Indian atrocity, the massacre occurred approximately seven miles north of Jacksonville Proper. In its [...]


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