Vanishing Texana Museum

The museum boasts artifacts from foreign regions as well, including the extensive Antique Coin Exhibition that showcases currency hailing from the Roman Empire as early as 238 AD. One of the museum's more unusual items is the Noel Madstone (also known as a bezoar or enterolith). Before the advent of the Pasteur rabies vaccine in 1885, no treatment existed for having been bitten by a rabid animal - except for the application of a Madstone. [...]


Love’s Lookout State Park

Just 4 miles from downtown, Love's Lookout is a must-stop for weary drivers (it is a designated rest area, after all) and a delightful destination for picnickers, photographers or anyone seeking to soak up the sensationally-scenic surroundings. At an elevation of 720 ft. above sea level and rising 240 ft. above the surrounding terrain, this vaulted ridge affords a panoramic view of the Eastern horizon - as far-reaching as 30 miles on a clear day. [...]


Cherokee Trace Safari

Venture 12 miles east of Jacksonville and you'll discover a world of wildlife that's anything but common to this area - affording an up-close-and-personal view of an assortment of non-native animals. Cherokee Trace is home to a plethora of exotic species that thrive in an open habitat similar to their native territory. Enjoy a self-guided drive through the hills and savannas of this 300-acre preserve, taking time to stop as animals introduce themselves. [...]


Adrenaline Rush Zip Line

For a truly elevating experience, try Adrenaline Rush Zip Line, located a mere seven miles from the heart of Jacksonville. This is not only one of the longest zip lines in Texas, it affords the added advantage of an aerial view of the outstanding East Texas landscape below.Have no fear, literally: this amusement outlet offers ample fun for more "grounded" individual, starting with a 264-foot line for newbies and extending up to the aptly-named Adrenaline Rush for the real thrill-seekers! [...]


River Run ATV Park

Within 10 minutes of downtown Jacksonville one can discover Texas' last "wild" waterway, the Neches River.  Its banks join 2,000 acres known as River Run ATV Park, where folks can get down-and-dirty on ATVs or other off-road vehicle. For those who prefer to dodge the mud, River Run offers several miles of dry trails that traverse the wooded Neches River bottom. And, visitors who like a slower pace will find trail areas that are particularly well-suited for horseback riding. [...]


The Challenge Golf Course

Built in 1936, the Challenge at the Woods represents one of the earliest golf courses in Texas, and has been a mainstay for Cherokee County golfers for all those decades. A community of devotees have claimed the course as their backyard by taking up residence in the adjoining Cherokee Club Estates, an exclusive subdivision with direct access to the green.Open year-round, Jacksonville's golf course remains a favorite among locals and visitors alike. [...]


Texas State Railroad

If you want the best view the Piney Woods of East Texas while traveling in classic style, do so from the passenger car of an authentic steam or diesel locomotive! Departing from the Rusk depot - located within a 15 minute trek from Jacksonville - passengers will enjoy a unique view of the wild countryside along a 50-mile roundtrip track. Whether you're an empassioned train buff or simply seeking the quintessential day trip for your family, you'll no doubt craft the memory of a lifetime. [...]


Lake Jacksonville

Since it was constructed in 1957, Lake Jacksonville has provided exceptional beauty and recreation for residents and area visitors - including a renowned fishery. One of the lake's distinguishing characteristics is its crystal clear water, adding to the depth of its natural beauty. The lake is dotted with waterfront homes, mature pines and hardwoods, and is cloaked most evenings in the glowing reflection of a signature sunset - making it twice as nice as a sunset over terra firma! [...]


Texas Basket Factory Store

Since 1919, Texas Basket Factory has been a mainstay of Jacksonville commerce, manufacturing baskets to support the massive produce harvested within the town's farming community during its famed "Tomato Capital" era. The Jacksonville native remains the largest producer of baskets in the world, shipping 10,000 baskets each day! The on-site retail store offers a plethora of items, including specialty baskets, gift items, jewelry, handbags, seasonal specialties and handcrafted items [...]



The dreamchild of a mom/daughter team who strive to create a unique experience for visitors - beginning with a Southern-style greeting in the form of a warm smile, a gentle hello, and a seasonally-appropriate beverage to warm up or cool off. Then comes the visual greeting. There's decor galore, with a smorgasbord of kitchen accents, furniture finds, all sorts of dressings for the boudoir, Personal [...]


Country Charm Boutique

If you're into All Things Bohemian you'll be in sensory overload here - with no shortage of temptations! From spirited wardrobe items to the shop's namesake (the heavenly-scented Country Charm Candles) you'll find a delightful collection of couture and decor. Step inside and be welcomed by a vibrant palette of textiles, funky decor and plenty of items paying homage to the Lone Star State. [...]


Raven Jute Boutique & Salon

Ever feel that "rush" when stumbling upon the most amazing little shop you never knew existed? Or, the exhilaration you experience when unearthing a trinket or treasure you've been hunting for months? Step into Raven Jute and feel the rush when you unearth hard-to-find gems that scream "take me home!" And once you make such a discovery you'll be eagerly planning your return visits. [...]


Treasure Cove Antique Mall

With over 40 dealers on site, shoppers will find a vast, ever-evolving inventory  of antique furnishings and vintage items ranging from the 1930s to the 1980s. Searching for a unique antique dresser to complement your bedroom? On the lookout for a wonderful piece of vintage art for your living room? At Treasure Cove Mall, you'll have no problem finding a great item to take home with you. [...]


Killough Monument and Cemetery

Located on the outskirts of Jacksonville, Killough Monument and Cemetery, marks the site that is recorded as the both the largest and last Native American attack on white settlers in the East Texas region. The State of Texas erected a 20-foot stone obelisk constructed of native iron ore rock as a memorial to the 18 members of the Killough family who were killed on October 5, 1838. [...]