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Treasure Cove Antique Mall

With over 40 dealers on site, shoppers will find a vast, ever-evolving inventory  of antique furnishings and vintage items ranging from the 1930s to the 1980s. Searching for a unique antique dresser to complement your bedroom? On the lookout for a wonderful piece of vintage art for your living room? At Treasure Cove Mall, you'll have no problem finding a great item to take home with you. [...]


Raven Jute Boutique & Salon

Ever feel that "rush" when stumbling upon the most amazing little shop you never knew existed? Or, the exhilaration you experience when unearthing a trinket or treasure you've been hunting for months? Step into Raven Jute and feel the rush when you unearth hard-to-find gems that scream "take me home!" And once you make such a discovery you'll be eagerly planning your return visits. [...]


Country Charm Boutique

If you're into All Things Bohemian you'll be in sensory overload at Country Charm Boutique, with no shortage of temptations! From alluring apparel to every manner of accent and accessory for your home as well as adornments for your personage, this cozy boutique - located just a few minutes from Downtown Jacksonville - is a must-stop shop. (If you're coming in from the East on your way for a Jacksonville visit, keep an eye peeled so you don't miss it!). [...]