Sadler’s Kitchen

The Sadler's food legacy began when a Jacksonville restaurant sporting the family name opened its doors in 1943, launching a successful, decades-long run as a favorite diner. That legacy continues today with Rob Gowin, representing the latest generation of family restaurateurs after recreating the old Jacksonville City Jail (built in the 1930s) into a neo-retro eaterie and bar. [...]


Yamato Sushi & Steak House

If you're open to new food sensations, or if you are already an inductee into the sushi-seeking realm, Yamato will certainly deliver ample measures of sensory delight. [...] An impressive array of menu selections includes more than two dozen designer rolls as well as Bento lunch specials. The Hibachi grill fires off meaty dishes showcasing steak, chicken, shrimp or salmon and combinations thereof. Vegetarians and vegans alike are well served with a variety of sushi, seafood or veggie-only entrees. [...]



Satisfy mind, body and soul in a light-filled brownstone imbued with a Parisian vibe wrapped in Southern warmth. Ritual has become a favorite find for many a foodie. Begin with their signature Bubble Tea and continue on to the Avocado Toast appetizer, then indulge in an eclectic entrée like Beef House Wagyu Pot Roast and you'll be left with a keen understanding of the cafe's appeal. [...]


Commerce Street Drafthouse

Seeking a cozy venue to share a brewski, glass of vino, comfort foods and camaraderie with family and friends? Find it on Commerce Street, at the aptly-named Drafthouse. Offering live music and fine spirits while keeping the atmosphere "kid-friendly" is a priority of the proprietors. The Drafthouse offers a carefully-selected array of Texas craft beers as well as Texas and local wines. [...]


Chili’s Grill & Bar

For nearly a half-century (wait ... you didn't know that?) Chili's has made its mark serving up ribs, fajitas and burgers with a bold taste in a fine atmosphere perfect for fellowship with friends and family. The franchise opened its first restaurant in Dallas in 1975 and can now can be enjoyed in 32 countries, including Asia and Mexico. And Jacksonville, Texas, where folks flock to share laughs and libations at the sports bar, or feast on Southwest-inspired fare of every variety. [...]


Jalapeño Tree

Family-owned and celebrating 20+ years in business, Jalapeño Trees dot the East Texas landscape, and Jacksonville is fortunate to host one. The self-proclaimed "Pepper Posse" team strives to create unique food experiences by ferreting out fresh, healthy ingredients in its made-to-order, made-from-scratch kitchen. Fajitas remain an all-time favorite, while menu introductions like Summer Salmon Salad with fresh fruit and salmon over a bed of greens provide light alternatives. [...]


Posada’s Cafe

Posada's Cafe (first cousin to the famed Mercado's restaurants) certainly lives up to the legacy of its lineage. With any selection of entrée, diners are soon presented with a vibrantly-hued tablescape of food sporting the familiar golds and reds of Southwest fare, complemented by a bright chartreuse of fresh greens and a mosaic of colors dotting the signature rice, festooned with a confetti of carrots and peas. [...]


Legends Old-Time Burger Cafe

For more than 15 years, Legends has been a favorite grub hub for locals and visitors alike. On any given day, hungry clientele flow through the doors to indulge in burgers crafted from select meat to be embellished at the DIY burger bar brimming with veggies. A favored staple is the "bean pot", a seemingly-bottomless vessel of belly-warming pinto beans (or red beans, to most East Texans), perfectly-seasoned in the Southern style. [...]


La Fonda del Sol

Known for its unique breakfast fare, Friday night fish special, and authentic Mexican dishes, this cozy cafe dishes up heaps of guacamole from fresh avocadoes that are peeled, hulled, chopped and crafted-to-order. The menu sufficiently satisfies patrons seeking authenticity or those who prefer their Mexican with some "Texican" influence. Family-owned and operated, this eatery is a favorite among local business folk who flock to "Fonda's" during the breakfast boom and high noon. [...]


Sylvia Mae’s Soul Food

Situated a few blocks from downtown is an unassuming cafe that - despite its humble setting - entices visitors to embark on triple-digit treks to feast on authentic Southern selections such as turnip greens and blackeyed peas cozied up to cornbread. The daily offerings also feature a few more obscure menu items - familiar only to those well-versed in Soul food fare (chitterlings or Oxtail, anyone?). [...]


Beverly’s Country Cafe

Whether you're a morning person or the sort to segue slowly into the new day, Beverly's is a fantastic place to start it off on a great note. On any given days, folks start piling in pre-dawn, and are immediately greeted by the perky aroma of fresh coffee, the sizzling sounds of a busy griddle and the friendly faces of a bustling wait staff. Here you'll find a breakfast bounty, with the anticipated traditional dishes of eggs any way you like. [...]



Denny's is one of those diners where one can feel immediately at home. An American favorite for more than 60 years, guests have come to rely on hearty meals 24/7, every day of the year. Breakfast - their signature specialty - dominates at Denny's, and is served up anytime you're in the mood. Mention "Grand Slam" breakfast and few folks will have any doubt you're thinking about hitting one at the self-proclaimed "America's Diner". [...]


The Patio

Each morning, The Patio arranges a pleasing palette of pastries in their display case. Choosing between the chocolate confections or the glazed variety may prove a daunting task, but no bad choices can be made here. Add to the early a.m. selections pigs, kolaches, croissants and yeasty cinnamon rolls as well as designer donut delicacies. Lunch and dinner offer a selection of seafood and steaks, including ribeyes, T-bones and lobster tails. [...]


Napoli’s Pizza & Pasta

For a grand variety of authentic Italian fare, look no further than Napoli's. They offer a buffet that features a unique array of creamy, saucy and yeasty delectables. Hearty selections such as pepperoni rolls and spinach "wheels" are sure to satisfy. Or, dive into the plethora of fresh-baked dinner rolls. Pasta specialties abound, as do signature pizzas. Fresh and flavorful components congregate into tasty salads that are as pleasing to the palate as [...]


Rancho Grande

Enjoy traditional tortilla chips with a not-so-traditional take on the house salsa. Rancho Grande serves it up warm - not spicy warm, but heated warm - rendering the Southern term "hot sauce" even more applicable. This unique concoction has become the restaurant's trademark. Traditional tortillas in puffy and fluffy disks of flour or corn are served on the side or as vessels for a variety of street-style tacos. [...]


Quick Bites

Visiting Jacksonville and totin' a busy itinerary? No worries! Whether you're picnicking at Love's Lookout, baggin' it for boating on the lake, or grabbing a quick breakfast bite, Jacksonville's got a plethora of drive-ins and drive-ups to grab and go with great grub in tow!