Lodging Description

Yamato Sushi & Steak House



If you are one of those fortunate souls who is open-minded to new food experiences, or if you are already an inductee into the sushi-seeking realm, Yamato will certainly deliver ample measures of sensory delight.

An impressive array of menu selections includes more than two dozen designer rolls as well as Bento lunch specials. The Hibachi grill fires off meaty dishes showcasing steak, chicken, shrimp or salmon and combinations thereof. Vegetarians and vegans alike are well served with any variety of sushi and seafood or veggie-only entrees.

Your eyes will surely feast first on the vibrant palette on your plate before your taste buds take to the task of sorting the nuances of each dish. Indeed, some selections arrive so artfully arranged you may need a moment to pay homage before deconstructing the delectable design.

Yamato’s menu is exceptionally well-suited for takeout. If you’re a weary traveler seeking a quiet evening in your hotel nook, Yamato is conveniently located within minutes of several Jacksonville lodging options. Order up!