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The Patio


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The Patio is one of those places that offers something betwixt and between – mealtime, that is.

As a full-blown donut shop, The Patio loads a pleasing palette of pastries each morning in their display case. Choosing between the chocolate confections or the glazed variety may prove a daunting task, but no bad choices can be made here.

Add to the early a.m. selections pigs, kolaches, croissants and yeasty cinnamon rolls as well as designer donut delicacies.

Fresh-baked muffins pair exceptionally well with richly-brewed coffee as do the tried-and-true standard, the simple but super-satisfying glazed donut.

Lunch and dinner offer up a significant selection of seafood and steaks, including ribeyes, T-bones and lobster tails. Shrimp served several ways, along with oysters, catfish and crab cakes accompanied by choices of slaw, potatoes (baked or fried) and a number of other sides and accompaniments.

Conveniently located on Highway 69 near downtown Jacksonville, The Patio is a perfect spot for a full meal, breakfast on the go, quick snack or frozen confection.