Lodging Description

Raven Jute Boutique & Salon



Ever feel that “rush” when stumbling upon the most amazing little shop you never knew existed? Or, the exhilaration you experience when unearthing a trinket or treasure you’ve been hunting for months?

Step into Raven Jute and feel the rush when you unearth hard-to-find gems that scream “Take me home!

And once you make such a discovery you’ll be eagerly planning your return visits.

Situated smackdab in the historic downtown sector of Jacksonville, Raven Jute houses a shopper’s smorgasbord of gifts, apparel, funky treasures and vintage finds.

The shop also features The Beauty Parlor, a haven where visitors can be pampered and primped and presented with all sorts of take-away accoutrement for indulging at home. From spray tans to “Wild Child” lashes (with selections sporting inspirational names like Madonna, Marilyn and Dolly) to brow artistry, every female should experience the Raven Jute treatment. The Beauty Parlor even boasts a licensed, in-house cosmetologist is at-ready to orchestrate your personalized transformation!

Stop in and snag some serious loot at Raven Jute!