Lodging Description

Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant



Step into Rancho Grande, and prepare to be overwhelmed by a seven-page menu that reads like a novel. Still, you will be rewarded for your research. Once you master the arduous task of narrowing down the wonderfully-tempting choices laid out before you, ordering is a breeze since most selections are assigned a number of 1 through 51. Note the operable term “most”: If one were to tally the menu items not numbered, the options would venture well into the seventies.

While perusing the vast menu, you can enjoy the traditional tortilla chips with a not-so-traditional take on the house salsa. Rancho Grande serves it up warm – not spicy warm, but heated warm – rendering the Southern term “hot sauce” even more applicable. This unique concoction of stewed tomatoes, fresh spices and no-doubt a few secret ingredients has become the restaurant’s trademark.

Tortillas are crafted on site, all day, every day. Puffy and fluffy disks of flour or corn are served on the side or as vessels for a variety of traditional tacos.

With an ample offering of American food as well as kid-friendly items, this is one eatery that surely has something for every hungry visitor.