Lodging Description

Posada’s Cafe


with a Flair

Posada’s Cafe (first cousin to the famed Mercado’s restaurants) certainly lives up to the legacy of its lineage.

With any selection of entrée, diners are soon presented with a vibrantly-hued tablescape of food sporting the familiar golds and reds of Southwest fare, complemented by a bright chartreuse of fresh greens and a mosaic of colors dotting the signature rice, festooned with a confetti of carrots and peas.

This all plays very well to the adage “eat first with the eyes”, but add to that the auditory signals of a sizzling fajita platter heralding its arrival, along with the added olfactory bonus of smokey, charred steak, chicken, veggies and spice-infused oil.

Whether your weakness is well-appointed nachos, specialty enchiladas or top-shelf tacos, Posada’s offers the perfect accompaniment – frozen or on-the-rocks Margaritas. Or, choose a variety of beers, tequilas or other libations from the bar.

Call ahead and takeout makes this an all-around fantastic choice for regular patrons as well as visitors. Olé!