Lodging Description

La Fonda Del Sol



Known for its unique breakfast fare, Friday night fish special, and favored authentic Mexican dishes, this cozy cafe also dishes up hefty heaps of guacamole from fresh avocadoes that are peeled, hulled, chopped and crafted-to-order (no prefab here, folks). The extensive menu sufficiently satisfies patrons seeking authentic dishes or those who prefer their Mexican with some “Texican” influence.

But, the breakfast business is where this eatery really shines. Have you ever partnered up your huevos with a side of frijoles? If not, you have missed out on some mighty fine feasting. Slap a flour tortilla on the plate’s rim and you’ll make a personal pact to come back.

Family-owned and operated, this eatery is a favorite among local business folk, who flock to “Fonda’s” during the breakfast boom and high noon.  Make the effort to squeeze in among the devotees and you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

And, if fried fish is a fav, catch their killer slabs on Friday fish nights for their All-You-Can-Eat – which, once again, will fill the parking lot to capacity. (FYI: The fried catfish is a standard feature on the menu, so don’t despair if your travels land you here on a different day).

Try it once, and you’ll be forever fond o’ Fonda’s.