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Beverly’s Country Cafe


to Wonderful

Whether you’re a morning person or the sort to segue slowly into the new day, Beverly’s is a fantastic place to start it off on a great note.

On any given days, folks start piling in pre-dawn, and are immediately greeted by the perky aroma of fresh coffee, the sizzling sounds of a busy griddle and the friendly faces of a bustling wait staff.

Here you’ll find a breakfast bounty, with the anticipated traditional dishes of eggs any way you like – sunny side up, over easy, scrambled or gently folded into an omelette with an accoutrement of veggies and meats to embellish.

Pancakes and waffles dominate the slate of goods as well, with upgrades such as the Belgian variety, or served cinnamon-infused or berry-boosted.

Chicken fried steak, is a must, of course, and Beverly’s doesn’t disappoint. Crowned with cream gravy and sidled up next to a couple of eggs and toast, this East Texas staple strikes a new countenance.

Beverly’s is an established morning gathering place for locals and visitors alike, and is one of those places that feels familiar from your first visit. Come in, relax, indulge, and make it a great day!